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1 April 24, 2022 Divine Mercy Sunday PARISH ADDRESS 3847 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR Office: PARISH OFFICE HOURS Tuesday Friday 8:00 am ~ 4:00 pm PARISH STAFF Pastor~ Fr. Paul Jeyamani x340 Religious Ed. ~ Chris Bushman x 338 Parish Finance Dir. ~ Gary Voice x339 ` Parish Scty. ~ Barbara Custer x 337 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Principal ~ Jon Myers Vice Principal ~ Kim Fadden Vice Principal ~ Carla Russ School Bus.Mgr. ~Sangeeta Sharma SCHOOL OFFICE 601 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Portland, OR Office: Fax: S O H 8:00 am ~ 3:00 pm Monday ~ Friday September ~ June MASS SCHEDULE: Daily: M, T, Th, F, S8:00AM Wed. 8:30 AM Weekend: Saturday Vigil5:00 PM, Sunday8:30 AM, 10:30 AM The use of face masks is optional for all indoor faith gatherings and meetings. Mass is Live Streamed on our All Saints YouTube Page, Sat. 5:00 PM Vigil Live streaming is also at the link on the All Saints Parish Facebook Page Reconciliation Saturday 4:00PM4:45PM

2 Our Mission Statement We, the members of All Saints Parish, a Catholic community empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ by connuing our heritage of dedicaon to: ~ Celebraon of the Sacraments ~ Educaon ~ Service ~ Outreach ~ COORDINATORS OF MINISTRIES Coordinators of EEM Terry Lewis & Mary Shepard Coordinator of Lectors Chris Bushman Coordinator of Altar Servers Chris Bushman Coordinator of Sacristans Chris Bushman Pastoral Council Chair Mark Doleski Financial Council Chair Mike Haglund Director of Music Ministry Paulette McCoy 2 All Saints Parish REFLECTION FOR THE WEEK April 24, 20222nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) Even Thomas struggles to remove his boulder! Being very pragmatic and determined, he wants to see the risen Christ for himself! Thomas s boulder is heavy with mistrust. Many of ours are too. A certain amount of skepticism is good, as it can save us from being duped or misled. But we can become so skeptical of things that it erodes our ability to trust anything we see or hear. Skepticism can actually be a welldisguised defense mechanism that we use to prevent us from being hurt or perceived as a fool. Having too much ego protection is a real risk. Thomas, because of the boulder blocking his vision, could not even trust the word of his friends. Boulders are hard to move. It s difficult to seek change or take a risk, especially when we are so afraid to be vulnerable or reluctant to trust another s word. When we are closed minded, overly pragmatic, unwilling to see things in a different way, stubborn or defensive, it is difficult to be surprised by God and stretched. We need to be less guarded, selfassured, and selfabsorbed. God cannot break into the ordinary moments of our lives and inspire us when we cling to doubt. If we are going to discover resurrection faith, we have to believe that what the witnesses say is true, especially when they are credible. We also have to trust that the risen Christ is alive in us, too! While the first witnesses to the resurrection have faded into history, there are many others who have come after them. They continue to inspire by walking the talk of faith. They are the martyrs who offer their lives for the Gospel, the simple holy people in our communities who cling so steadfastly to their faith, those who have touched despair and found new hope and the ones who, even in spite of ridicule, still pursue their hunger and thirst for God. They are our friends, acquaintances, biblical heroes, and saints, and many others who are convinced that they have seen the Lord! The risen Christ may not surprise us with the same kind of visit as he did the first disciples, but God finds other ways. All we have to do is open our eyes, remove whatever is preventing us from seeing and believing and exclaim: My Lord and my God! Karen Abel Theresa Ahslen Janusz Bolek Roma Bolek Cathy Bradach Maureen Cassidy Kinsley Clark Core Family:Laura, Mark, Andrew, Lucy Cindy Cox MaryAnne DeAinza Maureen Delaney Bill Diss & Family Richard Dolan Bill Dugan Geri Ethen Pat Fellers Joe & Joan Galati SallyJune Greenstreet Pat Harrington Sierra Hodge Shirley Klug Cheryl Kuehl Peter Lax Harvey McGowan PRAYER LIST Maria Pincetich Mary Ries B.W.Rinehart Dolores Rucci Andre Sanders James Searles Tiffany Shepherd Mary Sikorski Chris Soland Joan Strassmaier Gino Strong Angela Sunseri Betty Swientek Chloe Swientek Jack & Ruth Talbott Elizabeth Yanzick Please consider our DVERSES for your needs.

3 Mass This Week Readings Intentions MondayApr. 25 St. Mark, Evangelist TuesdayApr. 26 WednesdayApr. 27 ThursdayApr. 28 St. Peter Chanel, St Louis Grignion de Montfort FridayApr. 29 St. Catherine of Siena SaturdayApr. 30 St. Pius V, Pope SundayMay 1 3rd Sunday of Easter 1 Pt 5:5b14/Ps 89/Mk 16:1520 8:00 Int. Mark SukHo Lee & Family Acts 4:3237/Ps 93/Jn 3:7b15 Acts 5:1726/Ps 34/Jn 3:1621 Acts 5:2733/Ps 34/Jn 3:3136 Acts 5:3442/Ps 27/ Jn 6:115 Acts 6:17/Ps 33/Jn 6:1621 Acts 5:2732, 40b41/Ps 30/Rv 5:1114/ Jn 21?119 or 21:114 Fr. Paul s 30th Ordination Anniversary LITURGICAL MINISTRY 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 8/28/21 5:00 pm 8/29/219:00 am 8/29/2110:30 am Divine Mercy Sunday 4/23/225:00 pm 4/24/228:30 am 4/24/2210:30 am Lector Mark Milinski Daniel Krahn Brian Bennett Lector Cindy Canfield Sadie Hjorth School Hosted Mass Commentator Commentator Mark Milinski (1st/6th) Eucharistic Terry Lewis Minister Eucharistic Judi Duffy Terry Lewis Altar Minister Servers Altar Servers Sam Nguyen Clementine DoRenteria, Cameron Gustavson, Rose Helton, Cantor Matt Cassidy/Ensemble Gaedwyn Swails Gaedwyn Swails Max Sterling Accompanist Michael Prendergast Geri Ethen Geri Ethen Cantor Matt Cassidy/ Anne Kolibaba Larkin Patrick Driscoll Coffee Accompanist & Donuts N/A Michael Prendergast N/A Geri Ethen N/A Nelia DeOcampo 23rd Coffee Sunday & Donuts in Ordinary Time N/A9/4/21 5:00 pm 9/5/219:00 am Christa 9/5/2110:30 Blecher am Lector 3rd Sunday of Easter Commentator Lector Mark Milinski 4/30/225:00 pm Mark Milinski John Russ 5/1/228:30 am Kamala 5/1/2210:30 Griffith am Commentator Mary Shepard Eucharistic Eucharistic Linda Milinski Judi Heather Duffy DiLoreto Karen Lara Vinh Toyooka Minister Minister Altar Servers Quinn O Boyle Brady Vinh Cantor Matt Cassidy/ENSEMBLE Gaedwyn Swails Kelley Brandt Cantor Matt Cassidy Anne Kolibaba Larkin Anne Kolibaba Larkin Accompanist Michael Prendergast Geri Ethen Nelia DeOcampo Accompanist Michael Prendergast Geri Ethen Geri Ethen Coffee & Donuts N/A N/A N/A Nancy McMahon N/A Alicia Sterling & Family 8:00AM Int. Chris Soland ALL SAINTS PARISH 3

4 PARISH/COMMUNITY NEWS LOOKING AHEAD: All Saints 2022 Sacramental Prep Schedule First Eucharist April 29Friday7PM Janet Sullivan Whitaker Sunday April 24: Eucharist Class Two 9:15 to 11:30 All Saints Parish Hall Parents and Children Concert freewill donation Sunday May 1: Eucharist Class Three 9:15 to 11:30 All Saints Parish Hall Parents and Children May 1SundayNoon 4PMConfirmation Retreat Sunday May 15: First Eucharist 10:30 Mass All Saints Church Parents, Children and Guests May 11Wednesday7:00 PMCONFIRMATION This weekend we will take up the Catholic Home Missions Appeal. Today, nearly 40% May 1510:30 Mass of dioceses in the United States and its territories are unable to fund the essential pastoral FIRST EUCHARIST work their communities need. Your support of this appeal helps them meet these faith formation Pray with us after the 8:30 and 10:30 and sacramental needs. Please prayer- Mass today for 15 minutes to pray the fully consider how you can support this Divine Mercy Chaplet. appeal. Envelopes are in the back of church. SAVE THE DATE! All Saints Parish Picnic Parish/School Campus Sunday, Sept. 11th 11AM (outdoor Mass) Followed by Food,, Games, Fun! A r e y o u s i n g l e a n d o v e r a g e 5 5? S o l o s e n i o r s i s a C a t h o l i c - b a s e d s o c i a l o r g a n i z a t i o n, f o r s i n - g l e m e n a n d w o m e n o v e r a g e 5 5 i n t h e g r e a t e r P o r t - l a n d a r e a. I t p r i m a r i l y p r o - v i d e s s o c i a l a n d r e c r e a - t i o n a l p r o g r a m s i n a s a f e a n d f r i e n d l y e n v i r o n m e n t f o r i t s m e m b e r s. F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n, a s o l o b r o - c h u r e o r a c o p y o f o u r m o n t h l y n e w s l e t t e r, c a l l A n n B u c h h o l z Niko s Community Open is a fun golf event for friends and family to celebrate an amazing recovery under life changing circumstances. Niko Folkestad and his family have been long standing parishioners, and Niko graduated 8th Grade at All Saints in After a serious accident and loss of a leg, Niko s story is one of continued growth and a very bright future. This recovery would not be possible without his community. This tournament is all about enjoying golf with your sense of humor and lauding the resiliency of our Eagle Scout Nikolas Zane Folkestad. Seize the day, bring your best Monty Python schtick, keep your head down and hit the ball straight! Not a golfer? You can still help by donating to his Go- FundMe, or to the blood drive during the month of May (All proceeds go directly to Niko s rehabilitation account)! Thanks for being part of these unique events. To register or donate, go to Janèt Sullivan Whitaker and Friends in Concert ~ Friday, April 29, 2022, 7:00PM All Saints Catholic Church 3847 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR A collection will be taken up at the concert and a portion of the proceeds will support those affected by the Ukrainian conflict through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and their partners through Caritas International Network. A native of Berkeley, California, Janèt Sullivan Whitaker has continuously served in active ministry throughout the East Bay Diocese of Oakland since childhood. Janèt is a singer, teacher, pianist, and composer of music for the church in our world. Her music is published by OCP Publications in Portland OR, and GIA/WLP in Chicago, IL. Her bestknown songs include Here at This Table, In Every Age, This is Our Cry, The Least of These, Christ Before Us, and Day of Peace. Janèt holds a BA in Music from CSU East Bay, and an M.T.S in Liturgical Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley. 4 ALL SAINTS PARISH

5 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Our Lady of Peace Retreat Beaverton We are pleased to announce that Fr. Peter Prusakiewicz, CSMA, is coming from Poland to give a Spring Retreat. Theme:The Secret of the Angels and St. Faustina 9 a. m. 3:00 p. m. Doors open at 8:15 a. m. $40 includes lunch. Pre registration required. Please phone , or online Our Lady of Peace Retreat, 3600 SW 170th Ave., Beaverton WorldWide MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: Christ said Receive the Holy Spirit. Bring the Holy Spirit into your marriage on the next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experiences on May 2729 at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House in Beaverton, Oregon. Toapply foryourwwmeexperienceor search other dates go For information about WWMEcall or by DAVID E. DeAINZA, DDS General Dentist Parishioner We re Hiring We are a Catholic music publisher focused on helping people encounter God and His love. The World Is Watching If you re a parent, you know this to be true: the world is watching. All it takes is one slipup one bad word, one selfish action, one uncharitable commentary, and that s the thing your child seems to notice. When he or she calls you on it, the only thing you can do is come clean. Yep, I did that, you have to say. I m a work in progress, but luckily, God never stops working. I think it s fair to say that we don t think enough about the wounds of Christ. It s a little understandable, of course. Our human bodies flinch at the sight of such pain and mortification. It s a lot to handle, the physical trauma of a crucifixion. It carries an R rating in a PG world. But the wounds of Christ are the only thing that could make Thomas believe. Literally nothing else was so powerful, not even the testimony of his most trusted friends. Only by looking at and feeling the torn flesh by beholding that messy reality did this Apostle, this actual companion of Christ, come to believe in the Resurrection. Christ has no body now but yours, goes the famous quote attributed to St. Teresa of Avila. What she s saying is that we have become the means through which God chooses to accomplish His will in the world. Us, the broken. Us, the weary. Us, the imperfect. Yes, miraculous events and apparitions still occur from time to time, but by and large, if a person is going to come to believe in Jesus Christ in this day and age, it will be because of something we Christians do or say. Christ has no wounds now but ours. Our brokenness, our weariness, our imperfection our reality. It all belongs to him, and the world is watching. Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS 833 SW 11th Ave, Ste 500 Portland, OR (503) For ad info. call All Saints Parish, Portland, OR B 4C

6 It s More Than Retirement. It s Five- Star Fun. Russellville Park Portland (503) William Keller CPA Business & Personal Tax Prep & Planning NE 122nd, Ste 120 Portland, OR Full Service Law Firm Personal Injury & Accidents Wills Trusts Estates Business Real Estate Landlords Rights (503) John J. O Hara - Retired We are here to Save Lives... Catholics must be committed to the defense of life in all its stages and in every condition St. John Paul II FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP* For new online membership applications submitted until December 31st, *for 1-year, regular dues are $30/year thereafter. Visit Enter code MCGIVNEY2020 Business Litigation Estate Planning Admiralty Law Employment Law Parishioner Mike Haglund is happy to assist you with your legal needs. 200 SW Market Street, Suite 1777 Portland, OR (503) x since 1977 ccb# NE Glisan St Portland 36 Holes 4 Indoor Tennis Courts Covered, Heated Driving Range Dan McGraw Residential Real Estate Agent Serving with Integrity Contact Tom Maakestad to place an ad today! or (800) x5858 For ad info. call All Saints Parish, Portland, OR A 4C