ENG B ENGLESKI JEZIK. osnovna razina ISPIT SLUŠANJA (Listening Paper) ENGB.43.HR.R.K2.12 ENG B IK-2 D-S043

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3 OPĆE UPUTE Pozorno pročitajte sve upute i slijedite ih. Ne okrećite stranicu i ne rješavajte zadatke dok to ne odobri dežurni nastavnik. Nalijepite identifikacijske naljepnice na sve ispitne materijale koje ste dobili u sigurnosnoj vrećici. Ispit slušanja traje 25 minuta. Ispit se sastoji od zadatka povezivanja i zadataka višestrukoga izbora. U zadatku povezivanja svaki sadržaj označen brojem povežite s odgovarajućim sadržajem koji je označen slovom (zadatak 1). U zadatcima višestrukoga izbora od više ponuđenih odgovora odaberite samo jedan (zadatci 2, 3 i 4). Pri rješavanju ovih zadataka možete pisati po stranicama ove ispitne knjižice. Točne odgovore morate označiti znakom X na listu za odgovore. Upotrebljavajte isključivo kemijsku olovku kojom se piše plavom ili crnom bojom. Kada riješite zadatke, provjerite odgovore. Želimo Vam mnogo uspjeha! Ova ispitna knjižica ima 12 stranica, od toga 2 prazne. Način popunjavanja lista za odgovore Ispravno Ispravak pogrešnoga unosa Neispravno Prepisan točan odgovor Skraćeni potpis 99 3

4 This is the for the Basic Matura Exam. There are four parts to the test. Before each part, you will have time to look through the questions before you listen. Write your answers in the Listening booklet. At the end of the test, you will have five minutes to copy your answers onto the answer sheet. 99 4

5 Task 1 Questions 1-5 You will hear five phone messages. Match each message (1-5) and its meaning (A-F). There is one letter that you do not need. You will hear the recording twice. A B Cancel it. I ll bring it. 1 A B C D E F C Let s meet. 2 D I ll call you. 3 E F Give me a ring. Text me

6 Task 2 Questions 6-10 You will hear people talking in five situations. For questions 6-10, choose the correct answer (A, B or C). You will hear each recording twice. 6 You hear a telephone conversation. What is the name of the caller? A Philips. B Phillips. C Phyllips. 7 You hear Ann talking to a friend about new shoes. How much did Ann pay for her new shoes? A 25. B 30. C You hear a man talking about his movie experience. How did he feel? A Satisfied. B Bored. C Excited. 9 You hear part of a report about the cost of studying in the UK. Where is it the cheapest to go to college in the UK, according to the report? A In England. B In Scotland. C In Wales. 01 6

7 10 You hear two friends talking about getting together. Why are they organizing a party? A To say good-bye to a friend. B To celebrate a friend s birthday. C To make an announcement. 01 7

8 Task 3 Questions You will hear a radio interview with globetrotter James McGregor. For questions 11-15, choose the correct answer (A, B or C). You will hear the recording twice. 11 Why does James travel? A Because of his job. B Because he likes being active. C Because of a bet. 12 When did James start travelling? A In his childhood. B In his teens. C As an adult. 13 What service does the travel agency offer? A Accommodation. B Extra activities. C Transportation. 14 Where can customers get more information about the service? A On a social network. B On their webpage. C On Youtube. 01 8

9 15 When is the best time to travel to Tasmania? A In May. B In July. C In December. 01 9

10 Task 4 Questions You will hear some information for visitors to New Adventure Park. For questions 16-20, choose the correct answer (A, B or C). You will hear the recording twice. 16 How many visitors a day can the park take? A 1,000. B 2,000. C 3, Which attraction is closed when it s raining? A The climbing wall. B The trampoline island. C The Big Wheel. 18 Which attraction is allowed for all heights? A The go-karts. B Toddler Splash. C Brighton Bay. 19 What are the visitors encouraged to do with their personal belongings? A Use the available lockers. B Take as little as possible. C Leave them in their cars

11 20 What do visitors have to pay extra for? A Guides. B Packed lunches. C Competitions

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